since 1902

Wine producers at Chavot-COURCOURT since 1902

From 1902 to the present day, five generations of persevering and determined winegrowers have succeeded one another in working the vines and making the wine: to name them in the presentation of our estate is also to pay tribute to their courage and hard work, at a time when Champagne was not yet as renowned as it is today! This website is an opportunity to pay tribute to them !


Wine producers

in Chavot-COURCOURT, near Epernay, we invite you to share
to share our passion for vines and champagne.

Champagne Lucien LEBLOND, five
generations of winegrowers near Epernay...

The current estate is the result of the work of several
generations for more than a century.

Adolphe GUILLAUME was at the origin of the installation of the 4,000 kg vertical press (Darcq et Flamain) around 1916, which is still on our premises and which crushed grapes until the 2005 harvest, when he took a well-deserved retirement.
In the early 1950s, Lucien LEBLOND and Josette SAGET continued to elaborate the wines and began bottling them for sale in France. Sales continued to grow until the early 1980s, when the current structure was created.
Fernand LEBLOND and Lucienne GUILLAUME ( daughter of Adolphe) took over the House around 1925 and became the first wine producers in the family.
In 1997, through Patricia's intermediary, the CRETE L'HUILLET family's vineyard was added to the estate. As you can see, we respect the values that have been handed down to us, while remaining attentive to the environment and keeping abreast of technical developments, we are committed to preserving the notions of terroir and cru. We are proud to be able to offer you our expertise and the quality of our Champagne.