Champagne Lucien LEBLOND in Chavot-COURCOURT : from the vine to the bottle

By respecting the values inherited from our family, while remaining attentive to respect for the environment and the evolution of techniques, we are committed to preserving the notions of terroir and cru. We are proud to be able to offer you our expertise and the quality of our Champagne produced in Chavot-COURCOURT, near Epernay, in the heart of the Champagne region.

« Independent wine producers in Chavot-COURCOURT, ear Epernay, we invite you to share our passion for vines and champagne. »

We are proud to be able to maintain a certain degree of independence from the major trading Houses that dominate the Champagne region. With us, as a Harvester-Handler, a visit to the press, the cellar and the vat room will help you to make the right choice.

LCellar work at Chavot-COURCOURT

The 4,000 kg pneumatic press was installed in 2006. It is called a pneumatic press because a membrane inflates and presses the grapes vertically against the wall. For information, 4,000 kg of grapes produce 25.5 hl of "settled" juice.

The "tirage" or bottling, the "prise de mousse", or foam formation, is achieved by fermentation in the bottles, also known as the "méthode Champenoise", followed by the development of the aromas and the softening of the wines by storage in our cellars for around 2 to 3 years.

Working on the bottle

Pointing, riddling and disgorging to eliminate the lees caused by fermentation in the bottle. A subtle dosage, according to the different cuvées, is carried out to further refine the quality of our Champagne. After these operations, the bottles are kept for a minimum of 2 months to ensure that the expedition liqueur blends well with the Champagne. Then comes the candling and dressing operations... Now it's your turn to taste.

All this work, from the vine to the cellar, is carried out with the help of Rémi, José, Maxime, Alexis and Jean, who have been with the House for many years.

L’exploitation Champagne Lucien LEBLOND

Would you like to place an order ? Or come and visit our farm near Epernay ?

Are you passing through the region and would like to benefit from "ex-cellar" producer prices? The estate Champagne Lucien LEBLOND in Chavot-COURCOURT, near Epernay, would be delighted to welcome you for a tasting! Please contact us on 03 26 54 05 27 or by e-mail to ensure that we receive you in the best possible conditions.