WINE PRODUCERS at Chavot-COURCOURT in the heart of the Coteaux Sud d'Epernay

Since the 1980s, José LEBLOND and his spouse Patricia ( born Crété) have managed the family business with Rémi, their son, representing the 5th generation. The development over these years has enabled us to work 9 hectares of AOC Champagne vines, divided into around 60 parcels located in the region known as "Les Coteaux Sud d'Epernay".

« As independent winegrowers in Chavot-COURCOURT, near Epernay, we invite you to share our passion for vines and champagne. »

The vines are grown on the "Coteaux Sud d'Epernay" terroir, in the communes of Chavot-COURCOURT, Epernay, Moussy, Pierry, Vinay and Brugny-Vaudancourt, according to rules forged over decades using methods that respect the environment and the fertility of the soil.

Work in the vineyard in all seasons

The Coteaux Sud d'Epernay tend towards limestone, marl, clay and sand. The high porosity of the Champagne chalk is a veritable water reservoir, ensuring that the vines have a sufficient supply of water even in the driest summers.

The vines require various manual operations to be carried out meticulously to ensure better aeration of the grapes in the foliage, which limits the attack of diseases (mildew, odium). In this way, we limit our treatments (phytosanitary) to what is strictly necessary for the evolution of the weather. To achieve this, we can count on the help of the vegetation protection service, now run by the CIVC.

A vineyard in the process of obtaining HVE certification

We work our vines using reasoned and sustainable practices, which means doing just enough to ensure that the harvest is as healthy as possible, and that the grape juice is excellent, with no excess chemicals.

A few years ago, we put the plough back on our tractor to work the soil in part of our vineyard. Working the soil has enabled us to significantly reduce our use of weedkillers. We have also recently added grass cover to one hectare of vines for the same reason, but also to prevent soil erosion.

With the acquisition of modern techniques, we will be able to intensify our efforts in the future to further protect the so precious soil of Champagne. The HVE (High Environmental Value) label, which is currently being awarded, will be the next step in this process.

The fruit of our efforts and hard work, the harvest...

The harvest is carried out by hand by a team of pickers. The grapes are picked at optimum ripeness. Beforehand, we draw up a picking schedule, checking the acidity and ripeness of the fruit in the different plots. The grapes are transported in 50 kg perforated crates to our press, where - an essential part of this stage - the bunches arrive intact to be crushed as soon as the load of our press is reached ( some 4000 kg per marc).

L’exploitation Champagne Lucien LEBLOND

Would you like to place an order ? Or come and visit our farm near Epernay ?

Are you passing through the region and would like to benefit from "ex-cellar" producer prices? The estate Champagne Lucien LEBLOND in Chavot-COURCOURT, near Epernay, would be delighted to welcome you for a tasting! Please contact us on 03 26 54 05 27 or by e-mail to ensure that we receive you in the best possible conditions.